A glorious day yesterday here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria.  The sun shone bright and warm, and spring plants are growing.  A theraputic morning spent weeding grvel terrace and flower-beds was followed by a trip to Metro near Assisi

Metro is the local cash n carry for the area.  I was taken for my first visit by Isabel a fellow Agriturismo owner, who with the patience of a saint took me through the isles pointing out the best and most suitable products.  I remember cash n carrys in Britain as being enormous busy places with trolleys crashing about everywhere, but here it was different, the store was virtually deserted, so plenty of time to browse.

We then sped off to the Vivaio for plants.  I have been using a great family run vivaio the far side of Perugia, and returned the shopping experience by taking Isabel for her first visit.  I had a long list of plants, many for screening and setting out the geography of the garden here at Bellaugello, and for ground cover on the embankments.  The girls input had me change some hedging thoughts and I bought Laurus Nobilis for a change, to make a lovely scented hedge for the lower part of the garden.  Many of the lavenders I wanted were too small so they are on order for May delivery.  In the meantime I have 200 plants arriving next week!

We then headed off to  the Multiplex with the intention of watching Alice in Wonderland.  The multiplex has headphones so us foreigners can watch films in their original language, however that facility was not available last night so we decided the film would be too complicated and headed off for dinner instead.

“Degustibus” in Ponte San Giovanni, is a delight.  An amazing wine list, from economical to exorbitant, wines from all over Italy, and a guy who really knows his way round the list.  We chose an Negroamaro, utterly delicious, fruity, balanced and medium bodied, and a perfect accompanyment for affitati, and bruschetta, which we topped off with a flaming creme brulee.  Certainly a place to reccomend to guests here at Bellaugello.

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  1. HaHa hah!! and just how many months did Unicredit take to let you extract money from your wife’s credit card?

    As to the rain – thereby I suspect hangs another rant 🙂

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