This must be one of the busiest weeks for the world in a long time.   Some great news some tragic;  The week kicked off with Easter, celebrated here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House by lunch and egg-rolling party, On friday, London was closed to traffic and packed with crowds of thousands to witness the spectacular wedding of William and Kate, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Thursday saw the tragic bombing in the magical and enchanting city of Marrakesh,  the publication of American President, Barak Obama’s birth certificate to confound those who believe Vienna is in Italy and the President is not after all foreign, and today in Rome at the Vatican crowds will gather to witness the beatification of the late Pope, John Paul II.

Last night friends sang in May, and this morning we awoke to a glorious tranquil view,   I would love to say it has ben booked by the Duke and Duchess for their honeymoon, but alas not!, however Bellaugello certainly is the place for guys to relax….

And I just had to get in a photograph of the Irises in bloom here in the garden at Bellaugello Gay B&B, planted three years ago this is the first time they have flowered, and what joy they have brought to the garden.  I now intend to plant more to create a veritable rainbow of colour in Irises…

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