Today is marmalade day!

The roadsides in Umbria are currently littered with lorries pulled into lay-bys selling fruit from Sicily and southern Italy.  Imagine pineapples, lemons, strawberries and oranges, stacked high on the wagons, beautiful displays of fresh fruit,  just too tempting not to purchased.

So today is marmalade day!  Out with the jam pan, sharpen the knives, and hours of chopiing peel and boiling fruit – and loud inspirational music.  Here in Italy they do not grow the bitter Seville oranges that we traditionally use in Scotland for marmelade, and for the first time I am experimenting with Tarocco oranges, those lovely blood-red fruit here’s hoping!


  1. Is there a strike on with this blog? where is the new content? i tried to find you on google today, your rating has slipped! Get blogging. looking forward to eating with you tom, chow

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