It was market day here in Gubbio, the main piazza was filled with an array of stalls with wonderous fruits and vegetables, cheeses and meats, cheap clothing and accessories, kitchen goods and household items, plants and trees,  and tractors.  The Eugubini moved slowly chatting animatedly from stall to stall warmed by the spring sunshine and the wafting fragrance of warm sliced porchetta, a glorious colourful harmonious sway.

Another day another queue, this time in the bank to organise a pre-pay credit card.  I had to wait and then return later as the bank’s computers were down, and all I wanted was to move my money from one section of the bank to another!  How can a bank have dicky computers, the bancomat machine also refused to print receipts for the second day in a row.

To the next bank, the documents are still not ready, I am waiting for the POS machine to be able to take credit cards, I guess it is being manufactured for Mercedes and subject to a quiet worldwide recall!

Meanwhile I went to the Tabaccheria to buy TEN marche di bollo.  These are  the stamps required here in Italy on official documents, in reality another tax scam.  Finally the permissions have come through for the final phase of the development here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, and together with other documentation I required ten of these stamps.  I left the tabaccheria €150.00 lighter, and just wondering how much a printing press costs, hmm…..

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