Tonight the firsst sighting of fireflies or lucciole here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy.

These magical creatures only appear in the month of June and moreover only where the ground has not been treated with chemicals.  I am really fortunate that the ground here at Bellaugello remains organic as I just love fireflies.

They hover and dart about through trees and bushes, dancing and weaving up and down, usually singly, but always with company.  At first few appear then as Jne wears on more and more appear, as if coming to a party.  The light they give off is slightly yellow and to see them always reminds me of my childhood holiday in Dorset England where I first encountered fireflies many years ago.

Sadly they are only here for a month or so where they go for the remainder of the year I have yet to discover, but they certainly make evenings in the month of June special for me.

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