Lots to do but a quick RANT!! – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Lots to do but a quick RANT!!

Another beautiful day here in Umbria and the guys are enjoying the warm sunshine, meanwhile I am still waiting on an overdue delivery of a new digital camera I ordered from Amazon.co.uk

Why you may well ask did I order it from AmazonUK?  Well it is 30% cheaper than the prices here in Italy.


It has to come by courier/delivery driver…… and as you regular readers well know I have problems with delivery drivers

Wednesday last the driver telephoned me asking to leave the package at the petrol station in Ponte d’Assi a charming village some 8km from Bellaugello, understandably I declined the offer and requested it to be delivered here to my home.


five days later NO DELIVERY – the SDA tracking records show “incorrect address”  three times over (they don’t work weekends), this moring the parcel is once again out for delivery, it will be very worn out with the travelling if it ever arrives.  I have emailed them, spoken and emailed Amazon (Nice but no use – their tagline is ‘the world’s most customer-centric company’ Huh I DON’T think so), spoken to date with two drivers and agreed exactly where Bellaugello is.

Needless to say no reply from SDA, it seems that unless you live at the petrol station in Ponte d’Assi you live at the wrong address and camera or no camera I am not trading my lovely location for a petrol station…