looking good

The sun is shining, there is a slight breeze, the air heady with the scent of lavender which is home to a myriad of insects of wonderous colours and habit.   I have just been round the garden and picked peaches from the tree I planted only three years ago, which are now on the terrace table for the guys’ breakfast  yes me picking peaches from my own garden, a dream for a northern european! and rather surprisingly and somewhat pleasingly I have managed to get into a pair of super nice shorts that for some months have been just a ‘wee bit too small’

Last night Thomas and I went into the local town of Gubbio and whilst eating the best gelato ever had a wander around the shops.  I found a pair of hair trimmers and so on my return home set about trimming my dogs Milo and Jenny’s coats.  They have been suffering with the heat which has been intense and were only too happy to be subjected to the amateurish hand of mine and to be shedding much of their heavy coats.

This morning they are looking good, sprightly and just a wee bit chic, which reminds me of Tommy, a recent visitor to Bellaugello who managed with his cheeky wee grin and boundless enthusiasm to charm both Milo and Jenny, and of course me

I am often asked what is our policy on guest bringing their dogs to Bellaugello.  Quite simply Milo and Jenny welcome well behaved friends.  Their dad asks that dogs are not allowed on the furniture or left unattended in the rooms.  We make a small charge of €5 per day for our four legged friends.