I just SO did not want to get out of bed this morning.  I love my bed, it’s cosy and comfortable, and holds many wonderful memories..  This morning I just did not want to get up.

Yesterday I spent the entire morning on the telephone to the UK chasing up a payment from a despicable company recently featured in the press, on the internet and in the UK parliament.  Windsor Life Assurance is their name.  They owe me money and I am unable to get my money from their grubby hands.  I ended up speaking to the Financial Services Ombudsman, who like any other government quango are not really there to help at all.  In the end I contacted a good friend in the legal profession and he is going to call in their offices in person on Thursday.  If you feel like getting angry on my behalf then do join him on thursday at Windsor House Telford Centre Telford, let’s make a gigantic fuss. I am INCANDESCENT with rage.

Then yesterday afternoon, I discovered a flooded floor in the kitchen / dining room of the garden suite.  This suite is still not finished, but we spent much time and money excavating the floor and putting in drainage, insulation and a new concret screed, as well as repointing and stabilising the walls – which included reinforced concrete,  And YET there was a large puddle in one of the rear corners.  Yes it had rained, but the amount of drainpipes and soakawayI have paid stretch for kilometres and are meant to channel the water into the large tank below the house NOT INTO THE HOUSE.  Outside the guys are working on the terracing and steps.  I dread to think just how much will required to be dug up, excavated, re-made, oh it is a disaster – better to stay in bed

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