I simply adore lavender.  When I was young it was a fragrance associated with fusty old aunts and wardrobes in long forgotten distant bedrooms, however it was a fragrance that captivated me.

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House near Gubbio in Umbria, Italy I have planted over two hundred lavender bushes.  They line sides of paths and steps and billow over the embankments, forcing guests to brush past and release the potent fragrance.

I also cook with lavender and thanks to two great guys from the north of Italy I now have violet food colouring (they rushed into Perugia and found what I had singularly failed to find, thus leaving me with no excuse not to try out the receipe!) and make pretty lavender cakes with lavender frosting, also using lavender for lamb and salmon.

Gabriella, the fabulous co-owner of the herboristeria in Gubbio has suggested lavender as a relaxing bath.  Using a clean sock stuffed crammed with lavender flowers hung under the bath tap the water is fragrant and the lavender oil softens the bath water, divine…

Another great guest from Belgium has sent me a recipe for lavender jam, the required apples are now ripe and so lavender jam making will commence, and two cool guys, recent guests from Padova have sent me a large selection lavender recipies, all of which will be tried, they sound wonderful.  I also learn of a store selling solely lavender products, sounds dreamy to me…

Thanks to Swa for the picture which he took whilst here on holiday at Bellaugello

Any further lavender recipies or suggestions for use of lavender will be much appreciated

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