I was not going to post about Katyn again – this after all is a blog about my gay guest house in Umbria, Italy and what holidays are all about, however it is also about life here at Bellaugello near Gubbio.

This morning as I sat at the kitchen table watching the light rain falling and saving me from garden watering duties after days of glorious hot sunshine, I had the radio on and the news of the tragic plane crash in which Polish leader Lech Kaczynski, several of the country’s top ranking military and intelligensia died was the subject of the Sunday paper reviewers.

Katyn scarred my father and his generation, it seems this latest tragedy sadly will continue to keep the wound open as conspiracy theorists get to work.  Funny though, it seems that finally on account of the latest tragedy the world will finally know the truth about the original massacre and the subsequent cover-up by many governments and that must be good, both for the familes of those who died and the very few like my father who survived.

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