Just a little bit more luxury – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Just a little bit more luxury

Last autumn I spent a few days in Alto Adige in northern Italy, enjoying walks in the high pastures and woodland that cover the Dolomites.
It was there that I came across a small artisan company manufacturing soaps and shampoos and gels using fragrances extracted from the local plants. There is a fabulous picture on their publicity material of bottles suspended over stems of freshly pruned vines, collecting the liquid sap that runs from the newly cut wood. I really liked their genuine and ethical approach to their products.
Trehs products feature in high end spas and hotels in Alto Adige, but I liked them so much I though it worth a try to see if they would supply to Umbria, a region where they have not yet supplied.
Their answer was a resounding yes! So this year guests at Bellaugello Gay Guest House will discover Trehs products in the bathrooms of the suites.
The fragrance I chose is Pino Sarentensis made with resin extracted from the pine trees that grow above 1,600 meters and cloak the upper slopes of the Dolomites. The fragrance transports me back to those pine woods, masculine, fragrant and musky…

I am delighted to be stocking Trehs products here in Bellaugello Gay Resort in Umbria.