A friend in Dundee Scotland telephoned me the other day.  He is busy making Marmalade.  For those aficionados of this preserve you will be aware that Dundee in Scotland is a home to Marmalade.  Indeed the Scots take the credit for inventing the name after Mary Queen of Scots who was unwell and given this blend of sugar, oranges and whisky as part of her restorative treatment..  “Marie è malade” – the Queen is ill became Marmalade!!  unlikely but a good story anyway.

However back to the point of this post.  I too make marmalade here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, which I serve to guests at Breakfast.  Mine has a liberal dose of Scotch whisky blended in.  January is the traditional month for marmalade making, but can I find the bitter Seville oranges, NO NO NO I cannot….

Last year I did find them, but not enough so I tried a test using Tarocco oranges, those lovely juicy fruit tinged with red that come from Sicily.  They are fabulous eaters, but do not have sufficient pips to contain enough pectin to make a good set.  I have a contact in Rome and it was suggested he raid the orange garden in Rome where the trees have bitter oranges, but I don’t think so, I will find them somewhere soon I am sure and then the boiling commences…

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