A few days ago a couple of guests here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy enquired about a flight in a microlite, and so I called my neighbour who just happens to build them and organised a flight. Aimaro not only builds microlites but is also is a qualified pilot and instructor, and a real enthusiastic guy and very keen to promote his sport and pastime.  Thus at the appointed hour off we headed to the local airstrip at Cipolleto just outside Gubbio and met Aimaro and his machine.

Three of us in turn each took tandem flights, flying over both Gubbio and to Valdichiascio and Bellaugello.  The air was relatively calm as clouds scudded high overhead in the azure skies, some of the turns were tight, one of us in particular wanted more tight turns, but Aimaro was reluctant to subject novices to real scary stuff. It was a tremendous experience, exhillarating, awesome, to be in such a small craft flying high and going just where we pleased.  Definately one that we all decided to repeat.

It has really set me thinking about an adventure week holiday here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  Aimaro is keen also to offer guests at Bellaugello a course of lessons to full pilot qualification, ( he has the advantage of being fluent in both English and French as well as his native Italian) why not come and join me I am seriously thinking of signing up.  Email me at info@bellaugello.com for further details and costs.

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