Every day brings a new surprise in the garden, another fruit tree bursting into flower.  The bees are spoilt for nectar, and with the warm sun they fly determinedly from petal to petal.  Song Birds are nesting in the tall Cypress trees, that now show above the roof at Bellaugello.  Did I really bring them home in the front seat of the Cinquecento… It does not seem possible. Neither does it seem possible the garden was planted less than fifteen years ago.

Anyway, I digress, we have been busy cleaning and readying Bellaugello Gay Guest House for you and your friends.  The leaves, mountains of them have been swept and blown away, a huge pile ready to become leaf mould to fertilise future plantings.  The Pressure Washer has been out.  Terraces cleaned, pool surround too.  Yesterday we took the sunbeds and our fabulous pink and white candy stripe umbrellas out to the pool.  Of course we just had to strip off and check out the sunbeds in the afternoon sun.

The delight of being clothing free is always a joy and here at Bellaugello you can be totally clothes free.

It’s a great environment for a holiday and to work in

As we worked conversations inevitably hovered around body image and confidence.  Despite what you see on Twitter and Insta far from everyone has a perfect set of defined abs, a cute bubble butt and envy creating dick.

Some guys Booking Bellaugello are new to public nudity, even in the showers at the gym they find it hard to be naked in front of others. Coming to sa clothing optional resort you understandably can be nervous about taking your clothes off in public.  Don’t be, once you are naked it becomes relaxingly comfortable and liberating.

My guests come in all shapes and sizes, fellow guests do not judge, and different builds attract different guys.  Some of us are hairy, do we shave or trim or stay furry, Some are smooth, maybe a pubic bush, maybe not.  Tattoos piercings, including PAs are on show, as are cockrings, maybe metal maybe rubber, they all have a place. If you wear a cock cage, or use ball weights do not be shy, go for it.  Worried about getting a hard-on?  Don’t be, hard-ons are natural and beautiful.  And if you just feel you are ‘mr average’ with not even a tiny tatto be happy, you are in great company.

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