Is there such a word as “Rantone”? If not there should be – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Is there such a word as “Rantone”? If not there should be

The saga of the roads here continues…
Something in me does not want to write about he subject, so angry and disillusioned I have I become. Last week a neighbor called in distress, the road leading to his house and thence on to a further thirty people had fallen into the field below. It was as if somebody had sliced the road like a cake and tipped the lower part into the field below.
He called the comune who sent an engineer, who then called one of e neighbours affected by the landslide and who just happens to own an excavator to come and tidy up the road. Then the comune came with a lorry and poured a one of dirt in the middle of the road, put up two signs stating th road had collapsed and now traffic has less than half the rad to pass by on. Alarmingly the remaining part of the road is cracking and looks suspiciously unstable.
Yet another letter was written and signatures taken this time to the Procura di Perugia, one level higher explaining the inherent danger.

Meanwhile on the other side of the valley the road has exploded! With all the rain and lack of maintenance water has got under the surface of the road, and sought the easy way out, the centre of the road and burst forth..

20140227-123609.jpg it is not clever….
We are still awaiting a reply from the Commissario to whom we addressed our petition, and in e meantime a neighbour of mine traveling home after work the other evening came to the blown section of road to find the grandson of one of our neighbours out with a shovel trying to flatten the exploded road and fill the holes. When my neighbour stopped the car to ask what the young lad was doing, he is only about fifteen years old, he replied,”well the comune are doing nothing, we cannot pass so I thought to help”. How public spirited of him, I applaud his efforts, but at the same time am horrified that the comune have got us to the stage where a fifteen year old is in a country lane at dusk trying to fill the holes in the road. È davvero vergonoso!
Last night another meeting, telephone calls and a decision to return once again to the comune to demand action. We were three this morning at the office in Gubbio, all neighbours from the valley, all from different backgrounds but with a common aim. 10 am the office opens, it is only open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday morning (10-13) and Lo and behold! There was nobody there….
A young girl in charge of maintaining street lighting in the 700km of roads in the comune of Gubbio was fielding calls. Eventually she was freed up and tried to explain the situation. She could not help us, we needed to speak the of two directors but both were out of the office. We could not help but overhear here conversation and subsequent explanation to us of the situation. She has a team of two electricians, they alone are responsible for maintaining all the street lighting throughout the comune area. She received a budget of 22,000€ last year for all equipment, cables, bulbs, street lights etc……. no wonder nothing works
We have to go back this afternoon to meet one of the directors who should be in the office, it is so lucky I don’t have anything else to do but chase after council officials. And don’t let him dare say “we don’t have any money”
Word on the grapevine is that the Commissario will not reply to our petition as she has only another two months in post and”what is the point of doing anything”
Rantone? giusto?