The past three days my internet connection has been more than intermittent,  it has been hopeless and I have been without the internet for many many hours.

It has amazed me just how I have come to rely on the internet.  Not only for receiving and answering enquiries for bookings for Bellaugello Gay Guest House – Sorry guys for taking so long to reply – outwith my control, but also for keeping in touch with friends, listening to the radio, checking YouTube vids etc. and keeping up to date with the news.  Today the internet collapsed at 08.00 and did not return until after 20.00hrs.  It has been real fast of late 2.4Mbs, maybe it is was too much and became tired and so it just stopped.

Today Sunday I have survived more than twelve hours without my internet connection, but felt most alone and helpless.  It has amazed and horrified me just how much I have come to rely on the freedom of connection, to be able to talk to anyone anytime and look up anything anytime.  I am of an age where I remember the first early mobile phones and the supposed freedom they brought.

Firstly the purchase price was astronomic, bank loan size – very unliberating.  Recently I discovered the receipt in 1986 for my first mobile phone, a BT Azure £1,500.00 and the call charges were counted in £s per minute, that is if you could find cell coverage (I lived in rural Scotland and coverage was virtually zilch)  the phone weighed many pounds and took twelve hours to charge the battery, yet I was trendy hip and ‘in touch’ even if few of my friends has mobile phones or like me the money to actually use them! Boy it felt good.

Twenty five years later, like Stephen Fry I am a long term Apple Macintosh addict, cupboards full of old model laptops and now useless connection cables and unable to get an iPhone 4 but I do treat the internet like water from the tap, it is something that is ‘just there’ but the past few days it wasn’t and I felt most uncomfortable and out of touch.

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