They call it TECHNOADSL  That is the company who have their receiver mounted on the roof of Bellaugello Gay Guest House here near Gubbio in Umbria.

It was supposed to be the answer to my prayers for a fast internet connection

TECHNOADSL suggest internet speeds of up to 4mb, unheard of in Valdichiascio where TelecomItalia provide speeds never exceeding 560kb over fixed lines (tatty copper wires  losely dangling from squint poles strung like fairy lights on a shabby christmas tree).

A wireless antenna internet connection, fast efficient, guaranteed speeds of 2mb. The technician said to me ‘don’t worry if the speed is anythting over 1mb, as long as it does not drop below.  Well it does, and boy does it drop.  In desperation I have reverted to the old copper wires as I became  sick of the Technoadsl connection cutting out.  Ok I get over 1.7mb early in the morning but when the kids come home from schools and switch on their computers all over the valley, my connection cuts out, it cuts out i the evenings and is non existent this morning.  I actually managed to get a speedtest check yesterday I was receiving 70kb yes S E V E N T Y kb.!!!!!!!! hence the reversion to copper wires.

Technoadsl are supposedly aware of the problem (aparently contractually they have to provide a minimum speed or face fines) and are supposed by upgrading their transmitter on Monte Villiano to have rectified it this week, but I hate to say it if they have done the work the connection is S L O W E R    T H A N   E V E R. soon they will be downloading from my telecomitalia connection!

Why is this country so horribly inefficient????


  1. Have you tried two yogurt pots connected by string? It’s all the rage over this side of the valley. BTW, Who recommended that company, they sound crap?

  2. Yes I had thought of yogurt pots but don’t you find it all a bit sticky and messy…..

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