Today is grey, damp, miserable and I am feeling hellish.  I was away for a few days, up in the Dolomites in the sun, invited to join two guests from Bellaugello Gay Guest House for a couple of days of hiking.  I drove and stopped the night at Trento, that elegant city nestling in the foothills just below Alto Adige.  I have friends there and the kindly invited me to dinner, delicious it was too.  After dinner we played the most politically incorrect card game I have ever seen, and what a blast it was!

“Cards against Humanity” is hysterical, for those of you like me who have never even heard of it, the crux of the game is to pick a card, read out the sentences and for the other players to fill in the blanks with the most inappropriate words or phrases from their selection.  And Boy oh Boy are there some hugely politically incorrect possibilities, We played until late, laughed and laughed and as a result I have a set of cards on order for the guys here, I think it will be an after dinner winner at Bellaugello.

So on to Mals, a small town in Venosta that remote corner of Italy that should be Austrian or Swiss but for some reason is Italian.  The climb from Bolzano is scenic winding through alpine villages and kilometre after kilometre of apple orchards, until finally I reached the hotel perching on the snowline.  Two glorious days and then home through the snow and rain to a grey evening yesterday and I brought back a souvenir, the ‘flu or something equally hideous.

So I have spent most of the day hibernating, lolling in bed feeling lousy and taking doses of hot honey and lemon laced with ‘fluifort’, but I am in love so all is not lost…

So you might well say this is his big news, the announcement supposedly to have been made in January, but no! I hate to disappoint you it is not what you think, that big piece of news is still to come and huge news it is, so well worth waiting for.  Rather I am in love with a box of rather splendid decadent and delicious chocolates…

Peter Beier Chocolates, Copenhagen

These delights have kept me going through what has been a hideous day, a bad depressing and black day.  I’ve eaten nothing else so can feel no guilt at their high sugar content and tomorrow health permitting will be back in the garden or out pruning olive trees, if not then more of Peter Beier’s chocolates will be consumed!


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