easter egg

So happy to be back writing at my kitchen window

Goodness, have you missed me?  I have certainly missed you. It has been a very long time since I sat down to my computer and spoke to you all.

It has taken a new website.  (Do you like it? please let me know by leaving a comment), to allow me to blog again.  The old website was like a plate of spaghetti, a tangled mess of coding.  You know, those below desk computer cables that become one almighty mess and you resort to scissors and tape to make t he thing work.  Well that was my old website.  Now thanks to Geert and Lissa and their team I’m back again, and it does feel good.  Yes, it’s a new programme I’m having to learn my way around, so please forgive me if my first posts are amateurish and clumsy.  I promise as I begin to understand and explore the editing suite posts will become more adventurous and smarter .

We threw open our doors for the 2022 Bellaugello Season on Thursday last and welcomed guys from Italy and Germany for our Easter Weekend.  Today is “Pasquetta” the Monday after Easter Sunday. It is a day of little food, for we ate hugely over the weekend.  The sun is hot, but the wind is blowing from the Russian Steppes and is cold.

Our local town of Gubbio was so happy as for the first time in three years the “Processione di Cristo Morto” again took place in the centro storico.  The chanting, costumes, tradition, candles, singing, and the two biers on which are carried shoulder high, the dead Christ and the Madonna processed slowly through the narrow streets. Huge bonfires were lit and blazed, restaurants were full and the town had a great feel.

easter egg

After breakfast served at Bellaugello, the table laden with Colomba, crescia di pasqua, local meats and cheeses, home made breads and cakes and yoghurts, fragrant Taylors of Harrogate teas and excellent coffee the guys set about decorating their eggs which we took to a neighbouring farm to join in their traditional Easter Sunday Lunch.  Guys brought food from their home regions to share.  From Germany we had delicate white asparagus, a vegetable not seen in these parts.  We climbed a small hill and threw our painted eggs.  Our host declaring the rules and consequences which to me seem to change year by year, led to some humorous discussions.  We lunched on amazing home produce, and an array of Italian wines, that the evening was by need lazy and involved sweating in the sauna, with the hardy guys jumping into the pool.

So, it is time to sign off my first blog post of 2022

I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot into the past 48 hours here at Bellaugello.

I already have the next post  lining up with submitted photographs to add to my “Bellaugello Butts” Collection.  Do feel free to send me your butt pic – in the Bellaugello infinity pool. by email or Signal or WhatsApp, the links are on the website   oh, and do let me know if there are other topics you wish me to write about.  You will also read about life here in rural Umbria, the joys and tribulations, the fun and craziness, our gardening, cooking, outings, team and local places to see and visit, not forgetting the occasional rant!

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