A couple of days ago I was really excited to have completed the English version of my Website old.bellaugello.com and sent an email to a large mailing list of my friends.  Quite simply I had to share my good news, and at the same time ask my friends and contacts to publicise the website for me and pass on the address with the intention of drumming up business.

I have been overwhelmed by the feedback and  good wishes I have received, and the knowledge that there are actually people following my blog. for which many many thanks to all.

Many have expressed surprise that I am targeting the gay male market alone, think I am brave, but definitely on the right track.  There are also regret comments that on a account of their gender or sexuality this will exclude some of them from staying here.

Having only completed two suites I am tempted this summer to open the doors to all comers, to allow all  to glimpse what will be on offer.  Of course making sure that if I receive a booking from my target gay male market then I stick to the business plan then that period will be exclusively for the gay male market.

I need to do some thinking on the subject, and would welcome any thoughts on the matter.


  1. Hi Alec,

    We too are in the process of setting up a gay only guest house in southern France, and have struggled with the decision that you are contemplating.

    A few thoughts;
    1. Mixed rarely works especially with a nudist element!
    2. If your marketing is good and well targeted there are plenty of potential clients out there for you who tend to have a good disposable income and who will not be limited to holiday during the school holidays
    3. Bellaugello is your home too, so there is an element of who would you be more ‘at home’ with…?

    We don’t want to live in a gay ghetto but know from our own experience that to go on holiday to a gay environment is a treat, given that we are never in the majority in every day life and once there can really relax and be ourselves without censure or distain.

    We will certainly come and stay…
    Al the best with your project

  2. Great website Alec and as 2 time vistors/guests we think that you have an accurate and insightful window into Bellaugello, the wider area and what you have to offer. Let the heterosexuality debate rumble on please for we would love our patronage not to be excluded. All the best and congratulations on a fantastic website.

    M, M & S x

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