Heterosexuality – the debate rumbles on – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Heterosexuality – the debate rumbles on

I have received many emails of support from chums who have now visited the website.

Some of my friends have expressed surprise and indeed dismay that in creating an exclusively gay male guest house I have selected a market that will exclude them, however for the most part they understand and support my decision.

Even in today’s enlightened times there remain many actions that as a gay male you just feel uncomfortable about, or society at large frowns on.  It may be as simple as a quick peck on the cheek at the poolside, holding hands at the dinner table, sunscreen applied with love, a cuddle on the hammock, yes we gay males do all those things, but sometimes in the company of everyone we are made to feel awkward.

I very much want to create an environment where gay men can relax and not have to give a thought to their actions.  OK that does not mean wild orgies – I’ve not come across them before in any hotel or country house I’ve stayed in but perhaps I have led a sheltered life. No just somewhere where we gay men can act instinctively without worrying about homophobic reaction.

One of my very good friends passed the link on to his friends at work and received vitriolic comments from a female co-worker saying that I was being discriminatory and it was outrageous she as a straight girl would not be able to stay.  That I had no right to focus my business model in this way.

He replied to her citing women only nights at the gym which are widely offered, as being even more discriminatory as it excluded all males.

One of my girlfriends hoped that she would be allowed to visit even if it was’ just for a cup of tea’ – As I have already emailed you yes of course you are always welcome to my home, I am not creating a ghetto, nor will I isolate myself from my friends, I have a private terrace and apartment so I’m afraid there will be no peeking on the cute hunky male guests!

Some of my straight friends are talking of coming out (sorry no pun intended) for a holiday this year, it will be interesting to see if they do.  I can always block off the target market for that period……

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