I have received many emails of support from chums who have now visited the website.

Some of my friends have expressed surprise and indeed dismay that in creating an exclusively gay male guest house I have selected a market that will exclude them, however for the most part they understand and support my decision.

Even in today’s enlightened times there remain many actions that as a gay male you just feel uncomfortable about, or society at large frowns on.  It may be as simple as a quick peck on the cheek at the poolside, holding hands at the dinner table, sunscreen applied with love, a cuddle on the hammock, yes we gay males do all those things, but sometimes in the company of everyone we are made to feel awkward.

I very much want to create an environment where gay men can relax and not have to give a thought to their actions.  OK that does not mean wild orgies – I’ve not come across them before in any hotel or country house I’ve stayed in but perhaps I have led a sheltered life. No just somewhere where we gay men can act instinctively without worrying about homophobic reaction.

One of my very good friends passed the link on to his friends at work and received vitriolic comments from a female co-worker saying that I was being discriminatory and it was outrageous she as a straight girl would not be able to stay.  That I had no right to focus my business model in this way.

He replied to her citing women only nights at the gym which are widely offered, as being even more discriminatory as it excluded all males.

One of my girlfriends hoped that she would be allowed to visit even if it was’ just for a cup of tea’ – As I have already emailed you yes of course you are always welcome to my home, I am not creating a ghetto, nor will I isolate myself from my friends, I have a private terrace and apartment so I’m afraid there will be no peeking on the cute hunky male guests!

Some of my straight friends are talking of coming out (sorry no pun intended) for a holiday this year, it will be interesting to see if they do.  I can always block off the target market for that period……

Comments please


  1. Hi Alec

    It all looks good…… the website & the venue. Congratulations.

    Having read it all I have now concluded x2 things:

    1) I don’t qualify to visit
    2) The person who was looking at my screen while I was reading it now thinks that I do qualify!!

    Never mind. As long as the rumours are about me, they’re leaving someone else alone.

    I hope that it takes off as quickly as it should. I’ll make sure that I pass this to all my gay males friends (of which you are currently 50%).

  2. I qualify because “gay” means “happy” so all of us seeking for an unforgettable time spent relaxing and just looking (meaning really WATCHING!) around are qualified to be there: the Energy there is SO cute!

    About the “Niche Marketing” I agree and support the decision: as eterosexual I always found myself very respected… it’s just that one knows what he can expect to find… people with different sexual preferences…so what?

    And more over: WHO CARES!!!

    There was a very funny discussion at dinner about being “NORMOsexual” or “eterosexual”…we had some very good laughters!:-)))

    Finally this sexuality stuff should not be an issue to be discussed at all…it’s all about this bad word “Tollerance”…

    why should I be “tollerated” for my sexual preferences or skin color? THEREFORE why should ANYONE need to be tollerated for anything of his/her choices unless those choices come right across my own values and life?

    Eterosexuals are not animals in extinction, nor are “normosexuals”:-) so why do we whip this subject again?

    Who discriminates on this matter is not qualified to come to Bellaugello. They will not come and disqualify themselves on their own.

    I’n it?

    Love,Blessings&Congratulations: it’s WONDERFUL!


  3. Hi Max, great to read your post. It is certainly true that much of the point of Bellaugello, is that of ‘tollerance’. I had a couple of american friends (eterosexual to use your phrase) staying over the weekend and they absolutely adored the place. They found it very magical, relaxing and captivating. They too have many ‘normosexual’ friends and have promised to pass this website on the them that their friends may enjoy what is offered here.

    They would also like to return and see the place when it is fully up and running. I sincerely hope they do. Yes Bellaugello is and will remain first and foremost targeted at gay male clientele, but I do hope the clientele will be happy to learn that there are eterosexuals who too wish to come and stay.

    I do not wish a gay ‘ghetto’ merely a place where gay men can relax and be themselves.

    I would hate to think eterosexuals would come here to create problems, or mean that my gay male clientele would feel loathe to be themselves. By the same token I would hate to think that the gay male target market would object to be in the company of an eterosexual couple, who in making a choice to come and stay in a holiday location specifically aimed at the gay male would be here for anything other than to relax and be themselves in a tollerant environment.

  4. I look forward to a time when it really does not matter whether a guest house is gay, gay-friendly or not. But realistically that is in the future, and perhaps a generation or two away yet.

    I fully support you, Alec, in offering such a wonderful place primarily to gay guys to relax in. I suspect that the main gripe for most straight folk is that such an amazingly beautiful and peaceful place with some of the best views in Italy should be offered primarily to gay guys. But why not? And I am going to overcome any residual prejudice that lurks, and come and stay, because I so want to enjoy Bellaugello. And if other straight folk cant bring themselves to do so, well enjoy your prejudice and envy!

    Of course, you are not going to have orgies, or Bacchanalian revels at Bellaugello, even if it is in Italy! I would never dream of expressing my love for my wife sexually in public. I am sure your guests will not dream of doing so either. And it will make no difference that guests will have a choice not to wear clothing around the pool and garden. Just as folk in relaxation centres or on nudist beaches all over Europe happily walk around and relax naked without engaging in sex!

    I just hope that gay guys will come and enjoy all that Bellaugello and Umbria has to offer in such numbers as to make all your hard work worthwhile. The amazing natural and built environment of Bellaugello thoroughly deserves such support and your proven skills as an attentive and caring host will never be lacking, Im sure. Come on, guys, this place is truly wonderful. If you don’t use it, all us straight folk will come and dominate Alec’s clientele however much he would like to exercise positive discrimination in your favour:

    USE IT OR LOSE IT to the enemy: ooops, did I say that?!!! Only joking, as I hope to make lots of good friends when I am staying.

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