To each and every one who sent me warm messages of support and sympathy for my  recent bereavement, many many thanks, I have been overwhelmed the sheer volume and thoughtful messages, they have meant a great deal to me.

The funeral was yesterday, attended by family and friends in a delightful crematorium in south west Scotland.  A blustery autumnal day was fitting. We drove the costal road I have driven countless times from home, the sea was filled with white horses rolling enthusiastically into the bays, gold and russet leaves blowing from the beech trees and skeins of geese  flying overhead, a real Galloway day.  The family chose pieces of music and poems loved by mother, and friends read them beautifully, it was a fitting service for a well loved and respected woman.

Now I’m packing my bags and all to ready to return home to Bellaugello Gay Guest House where my dogs and the olive harvest await.  Regular updates from home have told me that it has been raining in Umbria, so although a wee bit late we would not have been harvesting olives this week, but next.  I am looking forward to the harvest and seeing progress on the various projects currently underway  and I have done Christmas shopping here to give our houseparties a truly international theme all very exciting.

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