One of the agriturismo activites here at our gay country house in Umbria is farming.  There are two excellent fields which were sown in lucerne.  At last, yesterday  we got the lucerne hay safely stored under cover in the barn where it will remain until it is sold this winter.

Whilst I was earnestly helping, (that is by pushing the Volvo out of the way), I disturbed an old wasps nest…….  Thought I had eradicated the nest last year, but evidently not.

For some inexplicable reason the wasps took exception to being displaced some few metres and struck out.  The result two stings above my right eye and one on the top of my head.

I can be a drama queen, and on this occasion did not fail to impress!  Last year I was stung on two occasions, by bees, and am very allergic to bee stings, so imagined the same to be true of wasps.  Indeed the eye did swell up and become painful, and I went off to the doctor – much more relaxing than lugging about bales of hay!!

In no particular order, and not necessarily in chronological order the following gave me advice on treatment for wasp or bee stings;

The farmer, A friend, A friend studying nursing at university, A doctor and yet another friend..

Bicarbonate of soda paste.



Ribes Nigrum.


No prizes for guessing correctly, but have any of you ever tried these methods or do you know of an alternative?  Do let me know,

By the way the eye still hurts, is swollen and is very droopy, I  simply cannot be seen like this so am hiding behind a cool pair of sunglasses!!  Still the sun is shining so I have an excuse!!

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