Late last night when taking the dogs out before bed I heard the sound of a familiar visitor, a visitor who had been born here.

Why and who you may ask comes calling so late at night?

It was Wol-let our owl born here at Bellaugello in one of the pigeon holes in the winter of 2007/8  We christened him ‘Wollet’ or owl-let soon after his first escapade in fleeing the nest in May 2008

The pictures how him on his first outing – he spent the entire day motionless we think he could not fly back into his nest – that evening he did.

A couple of days later he and his mum and brother were confidently flying at night and roosting in the cherry tree close to the house, calling out to us.  We would approach with a torch to see them all sitting in a row on an upper branch, fly off to the next tree and call us from there.

They stayed for a month or so and then went off to pastures new, but one did return last winter. I don’t know if he will nest here as now there are dogs and cats.  I do hope he does, but if not at least he paid a return visit ‘to say hi – all is ok’

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