Today the guys here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House related their various stories of the funivia in Gubbio.

There is a large hill that rises behind the medieval city of Gubbio and there are three ways of getting to the top – walk, drive or take the funivia.

The cable-way runs from just outside the centro storico to the summit near the church of San Ubaldo.  It is kinda old fashioned in that it runs continiously and you have to step into the cars, well they are not really cars they are more like cages, in fact they are cages suspended from the moving cable.

There are two ways of looking at the ride, the first is it might not be for the faint hearted or those that suffer from vertigo, the other is that it gives you plenty of time to enjoy the panorama over the cotto roofs of Gubbio whilst hugging your man tightly, personally I opt for the second choice.

Once at the top there are a selection of restaurants, of course the church of San Ubaldo with its simple but pleasing cloister, and a lovely walk downhill through the trees past the three chapels and back into the city near the catherdral.

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