Greys – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy

Yesterday afternoon I bundled Milo my English Setter into the car and headed to Perugia for a visit to the vet.  As you guys who have stayed recently at Bellaugello Gay Guest House will know, Milo has two large cists.  These cists are not the first in his life, he has been operated on four times in his near twelve years, and in consultation with the vet last spring we decided that enough was enough, and there were to be no further operations.

However the cist on his neck has burst and is evidently very itchy, so he is worrying it constantly and something needs to be done hence the visit to the vet yesterday.

Melania is the most wonderful dedicated and caring vet, it was she that nursed Edo, Milo’s late brother who after a long battle with a weak heart died last year.  It was her that we saw yesterday and she is in agreement that we operate to remove the cists.  There are two, the one on his neck and a second on his  hip.  Melania’s concerns are twofold, that the skin may not close over the tension of the hip bone, and that his heart may not support the anesthetic.

So it was with a heavy heart that we returned home with the operation scheduled for this afternoon.  The past hours have for me been like a death sentence, every hour precious, to be savoured.  Knowing that Milo is to undergo an operation with no guarantees that he will survive is really perplexing, hard to get my head round.  It is catch 22, we need to operate but the operation may prove fatal.

Last night it rained again, fresh big life giving raindrops.  This morning the Chiascio valley is shrouded in rolling mist, there is just a small amount of blue sky showing, the sun peeking out, its going to be a great day…