GPS – my scrambled theory – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
GPS – my scrambled theory

Why does GPS not work?  Yet again another telephone call…..  “We can find you, our GPS has brought us to Villa Fassia, where are you, why did you give us these wrong co-ordinates??”

Two years ago when revising the website for Bellaugello Gay Guest House I took the care to ask four different people to come to the house armed with their fancy GPS devices.  The results of the readings from their and my GPS devices are the co-ordinates on my website.  To guys using a system such as “TomTom” when they ask what to enter I always say type in ‘frazione valdichiascio’ that brings you to within 1/2km of Bellaugello, and it has never yet failed to bring the guys here.

But not at the moment GPS doesn’t work.  It seems that everytime there is a war the GPS goes mad.  In days of old when the signal was scrambled it used to be that it became more precise during the times of conflict.  I remember my days of sailing round the west coast of Scotland using early GPS which had a scrambled signal accurate to within 50 metres – except when they went to war in Iraq, when all of a sudden it was pinpoint accurate, I guess there was not the technology to provide scrambled and unscrambled signals simultaneously.

Now it seems the reverse is true, ordinarily GPS is accurate, but now in times of war they surely must scramble the signal and make it unreliable.  They move Bellaugello Gay B&B anything up to 3kms north, south, east or west, they don’t care, but move it they do.  It is mightily frustrating for guys trying to find the place and me trying to give directions…  when their GPS lands them somewhere strange and they are lost and  phone me I ask them what they see and they reply; fields, hills, trees, a ruined house, hum! maybe it is time to stop the wars…….