I am constantly learning about the mysteries of the internet, and ever fascinated by it.  I use Google analytics to monitor hits to the Bellaugello website.  This simple programme gives me information about where  clicks on the site come from – geographically ,how long and how many pages are looked at etc., and what the most popular search words were in hitting on my site.

It has been most interesting these past few weeks to see that one of the most popular ‘keywords’ or phrases has been ‘gay guest house for sale’.  Now don’t worry guys, Bellaugello Gay Guest House is not for sale, (unless someone makes me a scandalously obscenely large cash offer!!) Checking myself on a google search it seems the link bringing these hits comes from a very early blog post where I wrote about my purchase of the house.  Never realised the tags would have such longevity, but glad they do!

What is great is that guys are thinking increasingly about gay guest houses,  running them and staying in them.  Bellaugello is a great life, a beautiful place to live and gorgeous guests, a lifestyle I thoroughly recommend, and with views like this taken yesterday, and blissfully happy dogs, where else would anyone want to be?

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