During a splendid dinner served on a delightful terrace, overlooking the valley of the river Chiascio, as ever to the horror and tedium of partners the conversation turned to building works.  It seems many of us here in Valdichiascio and I guess Italy in general have or are going through the tribulations of building work.

Here at Bellaugello our gay bed and breakfast we have commenced on the lower part of what will be a south facing duplex apartment, currently being called the Garden suite.  The upper level which has an entrance with private terrace leading from the dining terrace will be the bedroom with romantic four-poster bed and seating area.  A spiral staircase will take you down to the kitchen area and bathroom.  We will re-use the lovely floor tiles removed from the Mirror suite, and make the dividing wall between the kitchen area and bathroom in glass blocks.  The suite will have a contemporary -retro feel.

Both kitchen area and bathroom have doors to the outside where there will be a large south facing private terrace and shady seating area.  We plan to put a shower on the terrace outside the bathroom, so guests can enjoy an indoor outdoor experience.

Oh yes and to get back to the point of this blog, Paul, my host at dinner just happens to have a large quantity of unwanted, glass blocks, and has offered to deliver them…  Do I have to rename the duplex suite the Paul’s wall suite?

Dinner was excellent too, thanks particularly to Isabel who must have slaved all day.

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