So what are gay guys fabled to just lurve doing? keep it clean guys!

Today I went shopping, haha! a big trip to Ikea in Ancona and boy oh boy!  There were kitchens to be chosen, it is a blast having not one but four kitchens to buy at the same time.  Beds were tested and bounced on, then selected, singles that clip together to form huge double beds.  A good friend has offered me a beautiful historic wrought iron  antique bedstead which will go in the garden suite, but I needed to find a matress, so more trial bouncing! Oh and then soft furnishings,  pillows, cushions, and pool towels… do I go for pastel rainbow colours or sophisticated grey towels, mmm, samples brought home to test.  Great traditional chairs for the terrace dining table, the list went on and on as did the bill!

No way will Bellaugello be a shrine to Ikea, I have lots of lovely family pieces and pictures that will go into the suites, but it was an interesting day  of eye candy and theoretical shopping!!

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