Yesterday was yet another sunny day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria and with temperatures in the mid to high twenties heralded an afternoon of gardening which meant the beginning of autumn garden clearance.  Leaves are turning glorious golds, reds and yellows, but falling from the trees, and need to be raked up.  Summer pots require their bedding plants to be replaced, we chose winter pansies in a wonderful apricot colour, and the grass got what surely must be a final trim..

The dogs got a bath!  Milo, Edo and Jenny each took it in patient turns under the hose to get a shampoo and big wash.  Jenny our Cocker Spaniel, being a Spaniel loves water and delighted in the hose and attention, The boys, English Setters are normally not fond of too much water, but they too revelled in the bathtime fun, all three of them patiently standing whilst they were shampoo’ed and then rinsed off.  Result, three beautifully clean and softly fluffy dogs, all ready for those muddy winter walks!

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