Under the heat of yesterday’s sun we set off through the woodland down to the river beyond the village of Scritto.  Our fifteen minute walk down into a hidden valley brought us to two lovely rock pools, both surrounded by verdant lush vegetation, and  filled with clear clear water that cascaded over lichen covered rocks into the secret pools.

In a scene reminiscent of Room with a View, like Freddy, George and Mr Beebe  we stripped off and dived into the pool and frolicked.  The waters were cool and refreshing, the cascade with its backdrop of lichen, moss and acquatic plants made a great shower, and some excellent photo opportunities.

Around the pool there are an abundance of large flat rocks to lie out on in total privacy.  We came away thinking the pools to be just the place for a romantic couple to spend a balmy afternoon…….

If you are very lucky and kinda romantic when you are staying here at our gay country guest house in Umbria, I might just let you into the secret location of the arbour.  We could even pack you a picnic lunch!

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