Friendships made – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Friendships made

It has been one of those weeks here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House when the guys have just gelled. It has been an international week, with guys from France, Belgium, the UK, Australia Germany and the Netherlands.
This morning there was a roll call photo for most of the guys as there were two departures and everybody wanted to say goodbye. These two guys are moving from Brighton in the UK to Melbourne and taking their beloved dog Buster with them. We discussed the logistics and cost of transporting dogs across continents, having experienced that myself bringing my three dogs over from Scotland. However the expense of European dog travel and passports pales into insignificance when I learnt of the logistical and financial commitment these guys are making to move their dog over with them to Australia, it is no mean sum. So to the photo which includes some intrepid sailors freshly rarified from the Atlantis Gay Cruise.

Taken in the morning sun on the terrace at Bellaugello Gay Hotel, and yes guys you are right…. My t shirt in your honour. “Want commitment buy a dog”! Good luck and safe journey.