Most normal people look forward to Fridays – last day of work before the weekend and party-time!

Fridays are good, today was good, started with a heavy frost; weeds in garden now struggling more, ground dried out, and just plain nice. Then sun peeking through clouds.  I love sun it recharges my batteries, warms me both outside and in.  Friends called by and chatted, a special mate called in, and the postman didn’t put any horrors in my letter box and I’ve been invited out for dinner.

Today work was inside on the computer, shame to miss the sun but needs must!  I was spurred up and eager to go and the jobs needed to be done.

But Fridays can be the same as any other day, the internet connection is soooooooo slow.  I have been linking to other websites, but it has been a tedious process, each link taking an eternity to go through, it’s more interesting watching paint dry.  Why oh why do I pay for 7mb service and receive less than 0.5mb?  There is currently no alternative  supplier, and TelecomItalia’s response…..  If you dont like it then you can cancel your subscription.  Tough.  What was it Henry II said? ” who will rid me of this turbulent…” and thereby hangs another potential rant..


  1. You can come over here and use our Internet connection. What you lose on the journey you will make up in effeciency. We will even throw in some free baby sitting. Have you tried a dongle?

  2. In reverse order – Yes, was playing hard with a real nice one most of yesterday evening. As my last comment implies, I am too old to require babysitting. Yes, agreed but that requires no external inteference or interruptions, which on past experience is improbable. Thanks for the offer 🙂

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