The neighbouring region of Le Marche is just over the hills behind Gubbio.  The west side of the region is bounded by the majesty of the Apennines and to the east, the Adriatic coast with a choice of resorts like Fano, Pesaro and Sirollo.

Within an easy hour’s drive from Bellaugello you reach the beautiful city of Urbino with its splendid palace built by the Dukes of Montefeltro.  There is a real connection with Gubbio, too as one of the Dukes built a smaller version of his palace, here in Gubbio to house one of his favourite ladies just over the border and out of sight of his wife!!

I was last in Urbino in the spring visiting with a friend.  Naturally we went round the ducal palace with its large vaulted rooms,  shady cloister, and fine library.  Andrew decided the enfilade of rooms would have made a great racecourse for the original Fiat cinquecentos, I was inclined to agree, it would have been a hoot!

Anyway I digress.  Friends staying here at Bellaugello gay bed and breakfast went exploring the countryside and ended up in Urbino on the last day of the Festa del Duca.

They reported back that it was a medieval style festa, very atmospheric and well worth the visit.  The Festa lasts four days in mid August and celebrates, film, theatre, music and gastronomy, an inviting mix.  Check out the website link and come and stay here at Bellaugello gay guest house, and join in next year, maybe combining your stay with a day trip to Florence in nearby Tuscany.

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