The residents of Gubbio celebrate the Festa dei Ceri on 15th. of May every year. Indeed it could be said that the planning for next year’s festa starts on 16th. May, so important are the Ceri to the city.

Following a lavish ceremony in the Piazza Grande in the historic centre of Gubbio three Ceri or candles are raised and then raced around the town by three teams representing a differen saint, Ubaldo, Giorgio and Antonio.

The Ceri are carried high on shoulders by relay teams of men, in a tradition handed down from father to son over many many generations.

In the evening the three teams race uphill to the church of San Ubaldo high above the town.  The teams literally run through the narrow medieval streets and then up the winding track that leads to the church.

It is a spectacular colourful festival that rounds off a week of celebrations here in Gubbio.  I still have a couple of rooms available at Bellaugello Gay b&b for the week of the festa dei ceri.  If you want to find out more about the Festa click on the following link Festa dei Ceri Gubbio

to whet your appetite here are a few pics;

And no  I’m not showing you a pic of the Ceri in action you have to come to Gubbio to witness that one!

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