Bronwyn writes it is raining in L.A. but it also rained here this week.  As I asked it rained overnight!  The garden is delighted and so am I.  The air is clear and crisp and the views spectacular.  The trees are turning their autumn colours, the hillsides of the Chiascio valley at Bellaugello are flecked with ambers, russets, golds and reds.

Friends are down south harvesting chestnuts.  It is the season of autumn harvest festivals, when every small town holds an outdoor festival or fair  to proudly show off (and sample) the year’s production. Specialities of Umbria include potatoes, lentils and chestnuts.  These autumn fairs are a wonderful chance to participate in real life here in Umbria as they maintain real traditions.  Many gaily decorated stalls line the narrow town streets, large pans cook stews and roast nuts, wine is warmed whilst music plays and people walk up and down meeting friends and commenting on the vast array of produce and crafts.

If you love tradition autumn is a special time to visit Umbria and reside at bellaugello heterofriendly guest house.

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