Facebook – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy

Yesterday was my Birthday and the fifth consecutive day of a flu like fever, so as much as possible of it was spent trying to get well so whilst still maintaining ‘normal service’ for the guys here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I tried to steal some hours to sleep or just lie on my bed.

I am not a lover of Facebook, indeed I really do not like or trust it, and certainly do not understand it – for ages I have tried to attract visitors to my “Bellaugello Gay Guest House page on Facebook” but don’t seem to know how to do that – any technowizards out there guys?…  however just for once it was a friendly companion as my ancient iPhone pinged yet another receipt of a Happy Birthday message.

I am of an age when Birthdays were celebrated with the sending of cards, traipsing to the card shop, not seeing any card that was reasonably suitable, choosing something vaguely appropriate, sitting in the car writing the greeting and trying to memorise postcodes and then queuing in the post office to buy a stamp, but these days electronic cards and messages seem much more appropriate, they arrive through the day, not days late as by conventional post.  So to all who sent me kind messages on Facebook a very big thank you!