Nearly ten day late Eva finally decided to come into this world.  She is the new baby daughter of my good friends and neighbours Monica and Eros who live in the valley, and the latest of the newborns here in Valdichiascio

She joins Jess, Filippo and Andrea, all recently born and within a few months to be joined by another four babies.  It seems my friends have all been very busy…….  New life in this beautiful valley.

At this rate we’ll get the school here in Valdichiascio re-opened before too long

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  1. I can’t think of anything nicer than having bruschetta overlooking the river valley with this kind, gentle man who can be a farmer picking olives one day and turn himself into the most urbane and fascinating companion and wonderful cook at the drop of a hat! Be careful Alec, by this time next year you will have a house full of guests. Still, you can always get them to help pick the olives.
    Love from the other side of the valley, where we are holed up out of the rain, sitting round the fire and slightly worried because we haven’t started picking our olives yet!
    Etain Martin Ben and Valerio!

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