Just what is the plural of the word Enigma?  There must be a plural but what is it?

In Italian the word is ‘Enigma’ which in my dictionary is given the masculine.

Masculine words in Italian generally finish in ‘o’ when they are singular and ‘i’ when they are plural.  Feminine words end in ‘a’ when they are singular and ‘e’ when they are plural – but enigma (m) ends in ‘a’ another enigma

Anyway I have suffered interminable enigmas / enigme over the past few weeks, and today another arose when I awoke to see the Appennini dusted with snow like icing sugar on a fine madeira cake and at the same time bathed in hot hot sunshine…

How does Italy manage so comprehensively to get everything so contrary and yet so right at  the same time?

How long do I have to be here to be able to think and react like an Italian??

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