Time for a rant;

The electricity supply here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria Italy, is supplied by ENEL the Italian state electricity company – there is no choice.  Several months ago I made a request for an upgrade in current supply as there is just not enough to meet our needs.

They still want a further six months to renew the cables and poles, so I am stuck with a pityful quantity of electricity which is rarely sufficient.

I have to turn the water pumps on at night when everyone has gone to bed and it seems when lighting the oven the power is destined to cut out.  Yes I have installed LED lights where possible and those horrid low energy lightbulbs, bought A+ fridges and make every eco-saving possible but there is not enough current.

Coming form the UK where you turn on a power socket and electricity comes – always – out it is quite un-nerving to have to constantly reset the main trip-switch and consider each and every appliance currently in use.

Domani as they say here, roll on domani and a stronger power supply…..

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