Ok I may not be mad, (or at least not quite yet) but I am crazy about my dogs and want only the best for them.

A few weeks ago a couple of great guys from Bergamo came and stayed at Bellaugello Gay Guest House here in Umbria and brought with them a divine two year old Beagle called Lilly.

Well Edo, my blue belton English Setter took no time and instantly fell in love with Lilly.  He would sit patiently and quietly outside the Suite waiting to catch a glimpse of the lovely Lilly.  He went off his food and wandered around starry eyed, hoping to catch a glimpse when she returned from her day out with her masters.

Luckily for him by the end of her two week stay Lilly began to show amorous feelings for Edo. In the morning at breakfast on the terrace here at Bellaugello Gay B&B she would receive small tidbits and blow me down if she did not bury them in the gravel, making little piles with her nose scraping the gravel up.  She did not eat a morsel, and evidently knew Edo was lovesick and not eating and she was leaving sustenance for him….  it was just so cute..  Romance blossoming at Bellaugello

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