Edo 26 December 2000 – 20 November 2011 – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Edo 26 December 2000 – 20 November 2011

I was going to post about the great day I had yesterday sailing from Ostia near Rome on a friend’s newly acquired yacht, to describe the delicious fish lunch sitting outside in the warm sun in the town of Fumincino, I was going to write about the super comfortable Eurostar train that sped me home from Rome to Foligno where I caught a regular train back to Perugia, but instead I am writing about my dear Edo who died this morning.

Together with his twin brother Milo, and our wee cocker spaniel, Jenny, Edo, an English Setter born in Scotland moved out with me to Italy in 2007.  Like me he made his home here in Valdichiascio (I guess he didn’t make that choice, I did!) and like me enjoyed every minute of the country life.  He adored checking the grounds, nuzzling in the lavender, long walks through the valley, lazing on the lawn in the sun, drinking the water from the swimming pool, and the good company of the many  guests and friends here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Early last year he suffered an epileptic fit and was diagnosed with a weak heart, and so was given a daily cocktail of heart pills, He bore his illness bravely, indeed courageously and was an inspiration right up to the end when he passed away peacefully at nine o’clock this morning.  In the warm autumn Umbrian sun a dear friend kindly helped me dig his grave some distance away in the garden, in one of his favourite spots, not far from the hay shed,  he is buried looking out over the Chiascio valley.

I am sad but happy, he had a good life, he gave me great joy, and his interrment in the ground here at Bellaugello strengthens my attachment with the land here in Umbria, my home.