Firstly a Happy if somewhat belated Happy Easter to you all.

We had a splendidly international day yesterday.  Lunch with friends in the valley included guests from Switzerland, Japan, Holland, England, Scotland, Iran, and of course several points in Italy.  It was a great gathering infront of a roaring fire, with a groaning table laden with scrumptious food with the added delight of multi-lingual conversation

Having had several days of sunshine, hot enough for a spot of sunbathing yesterday turned wet and rainy, so a day of eating and socialising was ideal.

Last night we were joined at Bellaugello Gay Guest House by a couple of friends from the valley who brought friends of theirs from Calabria.  It too was a multi-cultural event, we were greatly entertained by Ale and his rendition of a Neapolitan dialect, of which I must confess I understood nothing!

Yes, Easter was celebrated in style and companionship here at Bellaugello Gay B&B, and all rounded off by a spectacular storm with lightening and thunder at midnight,  no need for fireworks here in Valdichiascio just good times!

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