This morning a telephone call announced that finally after seemingly endless months (indeed it has been eight months) the electricity company are starting work on renewing the overhead power cables that supply Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

I went outside to be greeted by a heavy frost and clear, clear blue skies.  Two guys were waiting in the drive, and together we walked up the road to where the new supply will terminate, and a new big (doubtlessly, enormous) electric meter will be housed.  We have already prepared the cement base and run tubes ready for the cables to connect into the house.  The electricity company kindly agreed to remove the final pole that is near to the house, thus all the electric cables at Bellaugello will in future be undeground.  I am so glad to be rid of the last pole and also the electric meter that currently adorns my sitting room, as was the fashion fifty years ago – maybe installation art??  This does mean them replacing the penultimate pole with a new stronger one and….

They need access from the road to cement in the new pole, and install the new meter, and there is a fence, green protective netting, both erected last year, and laurel hedging which I planted three years ago and which is growing nicely in the way.   So I spent the morning in beautiful sunshine carefully folding the protective netting, and then unpicked the link fence thus creating an opening.

But the laurel hedge has become large and I so hate digging up plants.  Three or maybe four need to be temporarily removed.  It breaks my heart, sentimental old sod that I am, I told the plants what I was about to do and started digging.  One hour in I broke my best spade handle, maybe the plants did not want to be removed, they have certainly grown large and splendid roots.  I persevered and now have one plant out with its roots safely wrapped against the morning frost.  Tomorrow I need to get the next ones out as I refuse to take any blame for further delays to the new electricity supply.  By friday the plants will be replanted, and newly fertilised, hopefully will soon be back to normal. Whether or not the electricity will be working is another matter….

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