Bellaugello days

It’s just good to be alive and here

I’m sitting at my kitchen window, the sun streaming in from an azure sky, there is not a cloud in sight.  

It’s one of those glorious late winter, just about spring mornings.  Snow dusts the tops of the Apennines, hazy shadows emerge from the woodland,  the river below is glistening in the crisp sunlight and birds are singing.  I put nuts and feed out for them, but they are hesitant, there is food aplenty this spring.

The first deep pink buds are showing on one of the apricot trees, go slow I say there is still the chance of another snow or frost.

The honey bees are venturing forth to stretch their wings in search of early spring nectar.  A warming sight, I’m so glad they have survived the winter.

I’m getting busy with bookings, and chatting with lots and lots of guys.  Many are friends, some are new to me.  We discuss everything from when Bellaugello is opening for the 2023 season – 5th April in time for Easter, to how best to get to Bellaugello – airports of Perugia, our local one with flights from Heathrow, Barcelona, Vienna Rotterdam, Palermo and Brussels.  Great for a two centre holiday. Just over one hour away is Ancona airport with daily Lufthansa flights from Munich connections worldwide.  A bit further Florence or Rome.  Why not combine a city break with nights in the peace and freedom of Bellaugello.

Oh yes, on the subject of freedom, we often discuss nudity.  I’m asked if guys can be naked on the property, yes you can.  Whilst Bellaugello is not a naturist location, clothing is optional so feel free to swim, soak up the sun be in the garden and sip cocktails sun kissed and totally naked.

I’m asked about erections in public, that is a much asked subject and  I would like to hear your thoughts.  The world is becoming more free, how should Bellaugello react?  Some erections just occur naturally whilst dozing poolside or under the outdoor showers.   Are comfortable with guys wandering round the gardens fully hard?  |I’d love to know.  Bear in mind, I might not agree with your point of view, but i’m keen to hear it.

I’ve been posting frequently on Instagram Do take a look.  Of course Insta does not allow much in the way of nudity, so my posts tend to be ‘reserved’.  I sense the need for guys to express themselves more freely and am considering some blog posts with full nudity.  How would you as a reader feel about this?  Guys see each other naked whilst staying here, so maybe those photographed could be part of a future blog post.  Maybe I want to publish such articles, I definitely don’t mean porno, but artistic.  I don’t know… but am keen to find out.

Next post I will discuss my art project that I started in 2021. It involves you the guest and is very personal to both you and the room you stay in.

I leave you with two pictures of our amazing infinity pool.

Ciao for now

Stay tuned.

Summer at the infinity pool @Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy


  1. Personalmente credo che la nudità all’aperto in un posto bello come Bellaugello possa essere esperienza molto bella e positiva e la natura intorno riesce sicuramente a farla vivere naturalmente. Quando si sta nudi le erezioni possono essere reazioni spontanee e naturali. Anche queste fanno parte della natura. Non credo che in un contesto di nudismo possano dare fastidio se spontanee. Fa parte della natura ed è, onestamente, bello così.

  2. Grazie per il commento premuroso. È così bello leggere un commento in italiano, e un commento così positivo. Mi dai spunti di riflessione, questo argomento sarà rivisitato.
    reply for non-Italian speakers.. Thanks for your considered comment and thoughts. It is so good to know my Italian guys are reading and commenting on my blog posts. You have given me a lot to think about. This subject will be explored further.

  3. Nudity for me is normal and bodies are to be celebrated. We all get morning wood, erections are not always sexual, they are normal, and sunshine makes them happen easily. I see no problem

  4. Thanks for your comment, My aim is for my guests to just be themselves. Whilst I know plenty of nudity at Bellaugello I’m expecting to see more erections

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