Today is day five of broken telephone line here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria…

Telecom Italia – those responsible for my ‘telephone service’ are contractually obliged to repair it within 48 hours, and on saturday having told me it would be fixed by today are now today saying it will be tomorrow before they look at the fault.

Doubtless I will be posting again in the same vein tomorrow.

In the meantime sorry guys for the inconvenience


  1. I fink they mean 2 working days, not the first 48 hrs. Look on the bright side at least your cell phone and Internet are working.
    We use a yogurt pots and string on this side of the valley.

  2. hehe!! they thought I got my internet from them too – cancelled that over a year ago, and if their mobile service TIM had not been so inefficient I would have my iPhone 4 from them too and then I would really have been incommunicado…….. Reminds me really must buy some string!

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