Crash bash flash!!! – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Crash bash flash!!!

A tremendously large thunderstorm arrived earlier this afternoon and sat directly over Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse. Thunder roared, lightning flashed and rain and hailstones poured earthwards.
We do get torrential ran here in Umbria, but today was an exception and stupendously close and heavy, resulting in a big flash n the house and a loss of power.

Venturing forth into the rain I discovered smoke coming from the box housing the electric meter –
Durr…. Guess that’s why there was no power at all



It seems the electric meter had exploded. Rancid smoke billowed all around, and the electricity was dead.
A call to the energy supplier ENEL resulted in a long wait on a fault reporting line with my finally getting through just before my iPhone battery died – this time because it had little charge.
To cut a long story short two repairmen arrived within the hour and replaced the exploded meter..


20130825-203803.jpg and power was restored, but not before I had armed all the guys with an assortment of candles and torches.
Thankfully nothing major seems to have been destroyed, there are several burnt out fusebreakers and some four fuses in various sensitive pieces of electrical equipment that blew, hopefully sparing the equipment, those I will have to buy in town tomorrow, unexplainable are the many blown light bulbs where the current was switched off at the time- of course they are all those horrible law energy bulbs! it must have been quite a surge
Now as I type another deluge has just arrived the Valkyries are back crashing, bashing and flashing around, it’s going to be an interesting night here in Umbria.