Ok, so you are going on holiday with your partner and your destination is a gay country house.  What perceptions do you have of the place you are travelling to?

I guess you have seen the website, and  booked online.  The gay bed and breakfast is in your preferred location, for instance, the glorious Umbrian countryside.  You have seen the room or suite you have reserved, maybe the splendour of the Duca Suite, you partner chose it with you, he liked the decor, or the wicked bathroom.  You have rented a car and remembered the GPS navigator and sunscreen.

You arrive, yes it is even better than the website had you believe, maybe you had friends stay there last month and they recommended the luxurious gay bed and breakfast because it was tranquil yet convenient for cities such as the Tuscan cities of  Firenze and Siena and the Italian capital, Roma.  They also talked of the tranquil atmosphere, the value for money, the conviviality of fellow guests, and geniality of the host..

But just maybe they  also recommended it because of the food; delicious, home made food.  They salivated over the breakfasts with the fresh baked bread and cakes, and the homemade preserves.

Today we multi-tasked and made raspberry jam and tomato sauce.  Both the raspberries and tomatoes were grown here in Valdichiascio.  Deep luscious raspberry jam just ready for next season’s guests breakfast table.  The bees are still actively collecting and honey will soon be in the store cupboard.  I shall dart round them and be out after the blackberries, now plump and luscious, ready for another jam making session.

To my mind that is what country house breakfasts are all about, fine local produce in abundance, just right to set you up for a day of nude sunbathing by the horizon swimming pool!

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