Tonight a big tidy up in all senses.  Earlier today I had been busy tidying round the garden, and in my mood of clearing up decided this evening to attack other aspects.  I set to with my computer and cleared out my email inboxes, my Skpe, iChat and MSN lists, all those contacts and email addresses of people I know longer know or perhaps no longer wish to know.

Next and not before time I set to and got right to the back of the store cupboards.  It is amazing just what rubbish accumulates. Boxes and boxes of odd cushions, horrendous shoes, skip-caps, broken light fittings, curtains kept that ‘might just fit a window’ – but never do, strange pictures and remnants of a former life.  Why oh why do I keep the old clothes that no longer fit or are not my style, and which surely cannot be mine?  Why did I ever ship some of the things over from Glasgow that were never liked or used there and have not seen the light of day for over a year and will serve no purpose here?


But what I do know is that tomorrow there will be the most splendid bonfire!

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  1. when all is gone there will be one thing you need urgently thats life , but the new one will be better, enjoy.

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